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Momentous Meetings is a consulting and corporate coaching organization helping its clients deepen their personal and professional potential using a variety of creative tools and methodologies.

At the center of the organization is Alison Bluestone who founded Momentous Meetings with the mission of connecting people through their workplace and peer group interactions and meetings in order to be in service to themselves and others, creating productive thriving societies. The sociometric application of systems and interpersonal roles continues to be centerstage creating engaging virtual and in-person environments where individuals and teams can identify and develop their leadership awareness.

Along with an array of facilitation techniques and certifications and with over two decades of peer group trainings and implementations, Alison has expanded her Human Capital offerings to include educating leaders to work with their virtual teams. She is a key affiliate with Growth Resources Inc. (GRI™) and the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS™), ​ both versatile scientific assessment tools, certified with MTI’s Workplace Mediation, along with several individual and Team Coaching models and tools including, 6 Team Conditions™, Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI™) and Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC™), along with EQ, CI, RI education and leadership development. Additionally, the use of improvisational techniques and tools helps leaders learn, engage and develop more holistically.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can partner with you to help manifest your vision, please contact us today.

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Alison Bluestone

Alison Bluestone


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