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Momentous Meetings is a consulting and corporate coaching agency that helps its clients reach their optimal business potential. By creating environments where individuals can identify and improve their self awareness, Momentous Meetings helps organizations cultivate meaningful relationships and deep connections in order to serve and enrich the lives of others.

Momentous Meetings was originally founded by Alison Bluestone in 1995 to help entrepreneurs and small businesses strengthen their business culture and consequently improve their bottom lines.

With over two decades of growth and experience, Alison has expanded her business to include workplace mediation, EQ (emotional intelligence) education, leadership development, off-site retreats, and a vast array of facilitation techniques. She and her team members are fully certified by leading edge organizations like GRI, YPO, and ORSC.

Whether you are an individual or a Peer Group/Forum, Momentous Meetings can help you to realize your vision. If you would like to learn more or schedule a free consultation, please contact us today.

Alison Bluestone

Alison Bluestone


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