Making a Lasting Impact with Individuals and Teams

Momentous Meetings works with individuals, teams and organizations to increase support, communication, productivity, and job satisfaction. We consult with organizations to offer the best coaching approach in order to partner with our clients’ needs. An organization requires a blend of group, team and individual coaching and mentoring for accountability and continuity. This ongoing coaching helps re-enforce good leadership team behaviors and new habits.

Through interview style 360s, The 6 Conditions’ Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS®) and GRI® in team and individual coaching programs, we are able to approach coaching on many levels, minimizing program duration and getting to the core foundational elements.

Organizational Benchmarking and Strategy

By integrating organizational best practices and benchmarking data into our coaching approach, we lay a solid foundation for continuous development and success of the organization. We focus on critical aspects of organization success, including recruitment, team building, conflict resolution, leadership and management development, organization development, communication intelligence, sales, and performance reviews.

Team Focus

Individuals are understood within the context of their team or peer group and the roles they play. How individuals complement each other is important information for understanding the path to great communication and success. Raising an individual’s awareness of perceptions of other team members is an excellent starting point for individual and team development.


Raves About Coaching

Over the past year, Alison Bluestone has been coaching our team. With her unique style, Alison coached us through a deep discovery process that helped us establish a clearer vision, set concrete goals and achieve a more energized path forward. Three and a half months later— we continue to use Alison’s strategies. We have now transitioned from stagnation to a high functioning group. We will definitely engage Alison again.

Fran Slutsky, Founder

IDM Creative

Alison has contributed so much to my work and personal experiences over the years and increased my knowledge of group interactions as a whole. Her own willingness to take risks and encourage/lead us to take risks has helped me in all aspects of my life. The communication tools and skills that I have taken from my work with her has elevated my leadership abilities across the board. I highly recommend Alison as a veteran resource.

Soigne Kothari, President Retail Division


You are truly unique and gifted to see people and their truths the way you do. I found your approach disarming and inviting. You made impressions on some that pride themselves on their impenetrability. Thank you for helping us recognize our opportunities and allowing for a safe place to push ourselves and speak our truths. We will be stronger for having you be with us today.

Todd Specter


Alison is a superb moderator and trainer - the best that we have had. She is authentic, high energy, and sensitive to our particular needs. I was especially impressed with how Alison designed and adapted her approach to perfectly match our group's challenges. We took a major step forward as a team that we never could have achieved on our own. We look forward to working with her again soon.

Kevin R. Green

James Alpha Advisors

It was Alison who taught me the need and value of personal growth and its direct relevance to professional development. Without Alison, I would never have faced my blind spots and I would have not been able to grow into the conscious person and leader I am today. I owe Alison a mountain of gratitude and cannot recommend her enough as a most valuable, organized, insightful, original thinker who can transform both professional and personal obstacles into true success.

Olga Votis, CEO

Teaching Matters

Alison has been an invaluable partner in fostering a leadership culture of transparency, understanding and performance. Alison's ability to help remove road blocks in our engagements with each other and replace those roadblocks with relationships built on trust and understanding has been a key driver in our company's improved culture and development progress.

Kris Bunnell

RiverRoad Waste Solutions, Inc.

Alison drove us past our comfort zone and led us quickly to important insights as a group. She shifted the topic into something more personal that led to serious insights.

Damon Hemmerdinger

Atco Properties

Alison is exceptionally effective because she understands the lives of senior leaders and professionals, invests in careful preparation, brings high energy to every session, communicates clearly and candidly, and has the agility to pivot with the group in the moment.

Jeffrey Barnett