Catalyzing Impactful Conversations Through High Volume Engagements

Effective facilitation requires research, planning, guiding, and managing a group to ensure that objectives are met with clear thinking and full participation from everyone involved. The facilitator’s agenda is to help a group meet its goals by creating a psychologically safe, lively environment in which the group can reach a successful decision, solution, or conclusion.

It can be difficult to think about and contribute to the meeting as both a peer/leader and a facilitator simultaneously. An external facilitator is optimal in order to achieve a highly successful outcome.

Five things that are key to great facilitation:

Research, design, and plan the group process and select the necessary tools for the job

Whether it is an open discussion or a highly structured agenda, the group’s objectives are front of mind, ensuring the optimal group processes are identified.


Resolve key issues

When we align and find one common voice, it creates cohesion. Resolve any conflicts prior to meeting to ensure greater creativity, openness and productivity.


Set the stage so all participants are on the same page, creating rules of engagement and keeping energy high

It’s the facilitator’s responsibility to keep everyone involved and active in the process, while maintaining an environment safe for healthy discourse.


Focus on the outcome

Bringing people together is essential, and it comes with a cost in terms of time and money. Whether it’s planning a straightforward board meeting or a complicated off-site retreat, our job is to keep both eyes on the ball so value is multifaceted: establishing agreements, finding solutions, building teams.


Create next steps

Action planning for continuity is essential. Being committed to each group’s success, we are available at all times for future support.


Raves About Facilitation

Alison Bluestone is the best facilitator our group of 8 women has ever had! She spent two days with us as part of a growth and renewal retreat. She captured our interest with her wisdom, humor, honest communication skills, and inspirational coaching. She is a wonderful facilitator. I left the meeting feeling empowered, mentally stimulated, ready to contribute effectively to the group and continue my journey of personal growth. I highly recommend Alison Bluestone. She is amazing!

Sondra Helene Levenson, Writer

Losing My Sister and The Long Road Back

Because of Alison's forethought and detailed member research, she was able to plan, lead and facilitate activities and exercises tailored to our group, meeting each of our goals along the way. Alison thoughtfully worked with our group to solidify a strong foundation. She welcomed our newest members and created a comforting environment for members new and established. Her ebullient personality and experience added to make her an interesting participant as well.

Suzanne Deal Booth

Friends of Heritage Preservation

It is a great testament to your abilities as well as temperament, that you were able to immediately engage with this diverse group of senior executives, gain their buy in, inclusive of handing some tricky situations, and help the group achieve a more than satisfactory outcome in terms of improving cohesion and helping the group to define a set of shared goals and objectives. All of the above will hopefully serve as the new foundation for the group to go from strength to strength.

Andrew A. Darfoor

The Alternative Mutual Fund Investment Company

I wanted to thank you personally for the stellar effort you put into our meetings. You were incredibly brave as you had to manage quite a variety of personalities and conflicts. You were absolutely the right person for our group at the right time and as a result, we will go so much further than any of expected.

Peter Mahler

Farrel Fritz

Alison works extensively with creating and implementing Peer Groups, so perhaps she was able to incorporate broader insight to help get our group back on track - shifting from what I consider to be monthly group therapy sessions to structured, productive monthly meetings to make quantum shifts in our personal & professional lives. The boost has helped us to see what work needs to be done since our team has operated in an 'unhealthy' capacity for some time.

Bryan Janeczko

Wicked Start Innovation

Alison packs a lot of clear and productive substance into a relatively short time. We got a lot of bang for the buck…

Chris Clover


Alison is the most effective facilitator and such an evolved soul. Anyone should find it an honor to work with her. Our group was blown away by Alison Bluestone.

Rhonda Overby, CEO

Camera Ready

I have worked with Alison several times with great success. I engaged Alison to get my teams better aligned and more capable of achieving our stated objectives. Each time Alison was extremely effective at bringing my teams together so that we were able to do our best work in an environment of mutual respect. Many of the softer voices in the room were able to contribute to our common goals like they had never done before. As well, everyone in the room was able to own his/her piece and we stood on much higher ground going forward. I highly recommend Alison for facilitating teams to be able to produce their best work!

Luke Williams, Managing Director

Oak Tree Management